Whose hands are working the LaFarm soil and growing your food this season?

Greta Kullby

Class of 2021

Greta is an Environmental Studies and Anthropology & Sociology double major whose favorite vegetables are winter and butternut squashes because she loves their wacky shapes and sizes! She shares how working at LaFarm has impacted her relationship with food: "After starting work at LaFarm, I have found new meaning and importance for how an individual can connect with food. The access that I and others around me have is really quite incredible and something that we can often take for granted. Farming has made an impact on how I look, treat, eat, and share food with others."

Madison Hugo

Class of 2022

Before coming to Lafayette, Madison got her start in farming by working as a member of the field crew at a local farm. She loved it so much that she wanted to continue her involvement with the food system at Lafayette. Madison loves LaFarm because it "is an amazing farm that promotes sustainability and provides food for Lafayette and the Easton community!" Lafarm also helps Madison enrich her vegan diet by allowing her to grow many of the foods that she eats on campus.

Addie King

Class of 2021

Addie is a Chemistry major whose favorite veggies are carrots and beets! Addie has been farming for three years now, and she worked as an EXCEL scholar on LaFarm last summer with the Veggies in the Community (VIC) program. Addie loves LaFarm because "it has provided me with a supportive and passionate community while also allowing me to stay directly connected with my food. I've also learned so much about food insecurity and social justice in the Easton community through the VIC program which has been one of my most meaningful experiences at Lafayette."

Hannah Koch

Class of 2020

Hannah is graduating this year with degrees in English and Film and Media Studies and a minor in Psychology. Hannah's favorite vegetables to harvest are sweet potatoes and carrots. She is working on LaFarm "to help ensure the Easton community will have continued access to fresh produce" and enjoys feeling connected to the Earth through her time spent on the farm. Working at LaFarm has also inspired her to grow some of her own food at home!

Teni Bakare

Class of 2023

Teni is majoring in Government/Law and Psychology, and originally found LaFarm as a work-study position. She was "so excited to have a job that had such a visible difference on campus." Working at LaFarm has increased Teni's appreciation for local produce, and she's started buying more local fruits and vegetables at home and eating more plant-based options on campus. Teni's favorite thing to harvest is carrots!

Sam Arnold

Class of 2022

Sam is pursuing a dual degree in Environmental Science and Government/Law, and he works on several biodiversity garden projects around campus. Sam likes working at LaFarm because it helps him feel connected to nature. He enjoys the time that he's able to spend nurturing the plants and understanding how they connect to the surrounding environment, "sharing in the harvests we work so hard to make possible also makes that connection very concrete."