LaFarm is a sustainability initiative at the College and the cornerstone of the Lafayette College Sustainable Food Loop.

Our mission is to integrate curriculum and practice in sustainable food and agriculture for the campus community. We grow produce for the dining halls, recycle nutrients from composted food back to the soil, and serve as a home for collaborative student-faculty education and research.

LaFarm provides healthy food to the community, multidisciplinary student engagement through classroom participation and academic research. LaFarm is located at the Metzgar Field Athletic complex.  We hope to see you soon out at LaFarm!

Annual Report

LaFarm Annual Report for 2021

We kept growing food in 2021! And what a joy it has been. 2021 marked the return of our students back on-campus for learning, and farming, and an explosive interest in outdoor opportunities to be in authentic relationship with fellow students. LaFarm has been a busy place to be.

View the 2021 LaFarm Annual Report and learn more about our growing season