Rent Your Own!

LaFarm has 35 community garden plots available for members of the Lafayette College community to rent. Plots are available first come, first served and must be managed with natural gardening practices. Each plot is maintained by the renter for you to grow all the veggies you care to eat (and share!).

LaFarm Community Gardens

LaFarm Community Gardens

Mission & Goals

Our community garden is about growing great food in a healthy environment. Our interaction with nature and with the whole Lafayette Community is also paramount to the garden experience. Strengthening this sense of community through a common goal of Stewardship & Cooperation is something that gardening can do, naturally.

As members of this community we agree to steward the land, soil, food, water resources and plant biodiversity at Lafayette, in our gardens and beyond… & of course there are the veggies.

Garden Guidelines

Plot Rentals

Garden plots are offered as either full (20′ x 40′) or half (10′ x 20′) plots and priced accordingly; each plot is rented for one growing season.  If you are not staying in your same plot next year, all materials, plant and otherwise, must be taken out of your plot by the end of the season.

Grow Your Own

LaFarm Community Garden & Working Farm is not certified organic, but we do follow organic guidelines and ask all community gardeners to do the same.  Please use untreated seeds and organic soil/ compost sources & amendments.  No Miracle-gro, Round-up, or neon-colored seeds, please!  Not sure what you can and cannot use in your garden?  For a full list of organically approved materials please see (Organic Materials Review Institute).

We organize collective ordering of Spring seedlings, compost, straw, garlic seed & more to help make gardening as easy, and community-driven, as possible.  New in 2019!  We will be offering an introductory gardening course which is strongly encouraged for all new gardeners, and open to returning gardeners.

Maintain Your Own

All maintenance of your plot and the pathways in and around your plot are up to you, the grower.  This includes mowing, harvesting, watering, planting, and weeding your space and your outside/ adjacent pathways.

The garden water is a gravity-fed rain water system built by Prof. Brandes’ CE 351 Class.  The water is a shared resource and is a privilege.  Water resources can be tight if we are low on rain.  All watering must be done with watering cans (No hoses, please!) and should be done in the a.m. or at dusk to help conserve water.  Please alert the manager if you see leaks!

Hold Your Own

Part of a healthy garden is how you manage it: and for an organic garden this can mean a lot of weed management.  Weeds produce weed seeds to make more weeds for you and everyone around you.  Weeds decrease air circulation, harbor pests, and take up water & nutrients that your edible plants need to thrive.  But weeding means spending more time out in your garden doing what you love!  Right?  So keep your weeds down, and your neighbors & veggies will thank you.

We hope you will garden with your family as you wish.  Kids are welcome in the garden as long as they are with an adult.  Pets are not allowed in the garden, please!

Please use the Metzgar Athletic Field entrance, park on the paved road that leads down to the garden, and always close gates & lock the tool shed when you leave.

clean garden deposit

To help keep weeds at bay, a clean garden deposit is included on all plots.  Each plot requires a $35 cover crop deposit.  If you find that you cannot keep up with your garden, let us know and we will use your deposit to till in your crops and plant a cover crop.  If your plot goes unmanaged for a noticeable part of the season, the Garden Manager will contact you and discuss a time frame for tilling and cover cropping your plot.  If you do not use your deposit, it will be retained for your cover crop deposit for 2020, or returned (as you wish).

Ready to Grow

Contact the LaFarm Manager at to reserve your plot for 2019.  Deadline to reserve a plot is April 15th, 2019.