How has LaFarm left a lasting impact on Lafayette alumni?

LaFarm wouldn’t be what it is today without the helping hands of the past! As much as they’ve impacted LaFarm, LaFarm has also left a lasting impact on them. See where they are now….

Miranda Wilcha


While attending Lafayette, Miranda majored in Environmental Science and Anthropology & Sociology. She was introduced to LaFarm by her friend Peter Todaro (see below), and joined LaFFCo (started by Peter and his friend Joe Ingrao, below) to get more involved. Miranda says some of her "most treasured moments from college were at LaFarm. She "was inspired by the work ethic, positive energy, and food justice initiatives" that stemmed from LaFarm. Today, Miranda still lives in the Lehigh Valley, overseeing Easton's community gardens and residential compost program through a non-profit called the Greater Easton Development Partnership. LaFarm continues to be a source of inspiration in Miranda's daily work, and she frequently draws on the skills and knowledge that she learned there. Miranda encourages current students interested in agriculture to "sign up and show up" and use faculty, staff, and other students as resources. She suggests volunteering as a great way to get started!

Joe Ingrao

Class of 2016

Joe studied Engineering Studies, Asian Studies, and Anthropology & Sociology while at Lafayette. He started working at LaFarm the summer after his first year at Lafayette and formed LaFFCo with his friend Peter Todaro (see below) shortly after. Joe researched farm technology with Professor Cohen while also helping the farm manager with administrative tasks. He's currently in law school, but after graduating from Lafayette he spent a few years working for different social justice initiatives throughout the country and farming in Japan through the WWOOF program. LaFarm has impacted Joe by connecting him with the source of his food and fueling his interest in environmental and food law. He plans to eventually farm his own plot of land one day when he retires. Joe wants current students to know that the "system of food production and consumption is the most direct interaction with nature." He reminds us that "nature should be the primary focus in everyone's minds, not just fuel."

Peter Todaro


During his time at Lafayette, Peter studied Government/Law and History, worked for three years as a student farmer, and, as mentioned above, started LaFFCo with fellow student Joe Ingrao. Through this organization, Peter and Joe acquired tools, funding, and LaFarm's small hoop house, which all helped to root LaFarm and allow it to grow into what it is today. LaFarm "enhanced my college experience immensely, and for that I'm very grateful," Peter says. Peter's involvement with the farm also led him to his current job with Bon Appetit Management Company. Through his relationship with dining services at Lafayette, he became a sustainability fellow for Bon Appetit and is now a marketing manager with the company. Peter still lives in Easton and enjoys running, hiking, cooking, and maintaining his community garden plot at LaFarm! He encourages current students to "experience the food system from a wide variety of angles and contexts" and decide how they ultimately want to contribute to change.

Ayat Husseini

Class of 2020

While at Lafayette, Ayat studied International Affairs, Anthropology & Sociology, and Religious Studies. As a recent grad, Ayat sees her future heading in the direction of nonprofit work with organizations focused on refugee resettlement, housing access, and environmental justice. Regardless, she knows that plant keeping will remain an important part of her everyday life. Ayat discovered LaFarm as a way "to be better to the earth, to those around me, and to myself." She enjoyed its peace and serenity, but she will mostly miss the people that helped to make up the LaFarm community. Volunteering at Lafarm taught Ayat "to advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves" and solidified climate change and environmental justice as issues she will dedicate herself to. She encourages students to think about who is most impacted by the flaws in our current food system and how individual work can help to find and implement solutions.

Amanda Willet

Class of 2020

As a Lafayette student, Amanda studied Geology and Physics and sought out LaFarm as a way to reconnect with food, herself, the environment, and her love of farming. Working at LaFarm allowed her to have a better understanding of what she is putting in to her body and where it's coming from. She enjoyed harvesting carrots during her time at the farm and is an avid runner! Amanda is now getting her PhD from the department of Geoscience at Pennsylvania State University. Her favorite part of LaFarm? Lisa! "She adds grit, compassion, empathy, and so much fun into every single aspect of this space that she has successfully made a home to so many people on campus."