About the Greenhouse

Our Matterhorn greenhouse is 30 ft by 48 ft, supplying propagation space for LaFarm, community gardeners, and more. Aside from the sun, which provides passive solar heat, our greenhouse has a heater. In addition, there are multiple cooling features including a ridge vent, fans, and a retractable shade system. An automated control panel monitors the temperature and humidity and corrects the conditions of the greenhouse as needed by activating the features listed above. The control panel can also monitor the outdoor weather conditions, including wind and precipitation. This state of the art greenhouse provides the ideal climate conditions for successful seed propagation and plant growth.

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A propagation space for LaFarm

The greenhouse allows LaFarm to propagate its own seedlings for vegetable production. Community garden members also have the opportunity to utilize this space for their own plots. Because the greenhouse is automated to correct for ideal climate conditions, growers can rest assured that their seedlings will grow in a good environment. In addition to vegetable production, this space will be used to grow plants for our annual plant sale.

Opportunities to Partner

The greenhouse is available to Lafayette faculty and students as well as community organizations and research institutions in the Lehigh Valley. Please contact Farmer Josh Parr, at parrj@lafayette.edu, if interested.

Thank you to our donors!

We are extremely grateful for the funding provided by Capital Blue Cross as well as other private donors. This project would not have been possible without you.