In 2021, our crew of 5 loyal students collected and composted 9,365 pounds of campus food waste, a 5-fold increase from our collection in 2020 and a welcome return to our pre-pandemic numbers. By diverting this nutrient-rich resource from the landfill, we instead generate compost to increase our soil’s carbon sequestering and water-holding capacities, year-by-year.  

And this year, the science showed the importance of the work we are doing!  Our comprehensive soil test showed a monumental 1% increase in Organic Matter from our 2019 levels.  Doesn’t sound like much?  We assure you, this is huge!  While our goal is to use conservation practices to return soil Organic Matter and soil carbon storage to pre-colonization levels, we find occasion to celebrate with every step along the path.  Our soil test was meticulously taken by Professor Carley’s Geochemistry students as they learned about soil in agriculture.  And, yes, we all did take a little taste of soil for a mid-day snack… best way to know the ground beneath your feet!

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