Our commitment to educating students about sustainable agriculture and giving them opportunities to build networks in this field will continue in 2022.  Maddie Pearson ‘22 and Abigail Schauss ‘24 were able to attend  the annual Pasa Conference in Lancaster, PA.  Pasa is THE conference for sustainable agriculture in Pennsylvania and neighboring states, and our students had the opportunity to attend sessions and meet students from other college farms.

By the end of the growing season of 2022, we will have a brand new greenhouse on the farm.  This new infrastructure will greatly expand our production capacity at the farm, as well as allowing us to produce seedlings which can be distributed into the community garden as well as the local Easton community.  Finally, it will serve as a space for students to come and learn at the farm–even if it’s raining out!

Finally, we will be introducing a new farm manager, Josh Parr.  Josh is coming to us from Philadelphia, where he was a field manager for Weavers Way Farms.  The site he managed was on the campus of W.B. Saul Agricultural Highschool, so he is familiar with the complex and fruitful relationships that emerge at institutional farms.  He also brings with him a knowledge of no-till agriculture, which he hopes to implement at LaFarm to continue our mission of improving soil health.