The pandemic made the importance of farming even more apparent to these students.


“Farming during COVID means…”

Sam Arnold '22 wears sunglasses and stands beside a field

…cathartically reminds me that I must patiently and faithfully engage with the various aspects of my life in order for it to be existentially meaningful, even when plagued with hardships that alter the ways we interact with such facilities of life.

Sam Arnold, ‘22






Teni Bakare ‘23, masked, holds a bunch of carrots.

…truly understanding and witnessing the food disparities in America and how the food system has failed all of us.

Teni Bakare ‘23


Liz Rohricht ‘21, masked, stands in front of an assortment of flowers.

…ensuring households have access to healthy & nutritious food despite a pause on most other things in the world.  I farm during the pandemic to inspire people to use their prolonged amount of time at home to grow closer to what matters most, including the food with which they power themselves.

Liz Rohricht ‘21


Greta Kulby ‘21 stands in front of a field.

I have more responsibility to keep myself and others safe. In order to farm, feed my soul, and provide fresh produce to our community, we must all be responsible for our well-being and continue to use COVID safe farming practices.

Greta Kulby ‘21